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Calm Down!

Calm Down Class - £70

Teach your dog how to be calm in the house, out on walks and in pubs/cafes and Improve your dog's listening skills when faced with a distraction such as another dog, person, cat, squirrel, jogger etc. 

Cost: £70

Requirements: For dogs aged 20 weeks and older

Location: Oakington Dog Day Care, Dry Dyrayton Road

Oakington, Cambridge CB24 3BD

Outdoor Venue: Classes are held outside in a secure field. Please wear weather appropriate clothing.

Child friendly: Children are welcome to join in and help train their dog.

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Time: 12:15pm

Topics that will be covered over the four weeks dog training class are:


  • Settle on a bed on cue

  • Creating a default calm in the house

  • Off cue for counter surfing or jumping up on sofa's

  • Leave it

  • Respond to name

  • Sit-stay with distractions

Please book  before attending the class

Classes will resume in 2021