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Areas covered for dog walks
   Cambridge CB2
   Chesterton CB4
   Hauxton CB22
   Whittlesford CB22
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Dog Workshops

         Recall Workshop

Are you struggling to get your dogs attention while out in the park?

Does your dog never come back when called if there are other distractions?

Have your walks become very stressful?

This 90 minute recall workshop will give you the training tools you need to train a reliable recall. You will also receive training videos on all the training exercises that will be covered in the workshop along with a write up of my 6 week recall training plan.

During the workshop you will be shown all the training exercises that you will then need to break into a 6 week training plan. Recall cant be fixed in a 90 minutes but we can show you how you can go from having a dog that ignores you to a dog that comes back every time you call them. 

Cost: £35

Requirements: Your dog needs to be friendly towards other dogs and people

Location: Oakington Dog Day Care, Dry Drayton Road

Oakington, Cambridge CB24 3BD

Outdoor Venue: Classes are held outside in a secure field. Please wear weather appropriate clothing.

Child friendly: Children are welcome to join in.

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Class date: TBC

Class day: Saturday

Time: 10am - 11:30am

Dog recall training class

      Scent Detection Dog


What to turn your dog in to a scent detective? This fun interactive dog sport is becoming very popular with dog pet owners. A dogs sense of smell is their primary sense: they gain a lot of information about the world through their nose. Dogs have over 600 million sense receptors while we humans only have 6 million. 

Scent work is a great mental workout and beneficial for our dogs wellbeing. 10 minutes of scent work is equivalent to a 30 minute walk!! Scent work is also great for boosting a dogs confidence and can calm down over arousled, highly energetic working breed dogs.


All dogs use their noses to find things and to get more infomation about their environment. This is why scent work is perfect for any breed and age. 

In this workshop we will be teaching a freeze indication, and introducing the dogs to line up searches , on pots and searches on chairs. The workshop is split into two consecutive Saturdays in August and runs for 2 hours per Saturday. I am a registered UK Sniffer Dog's Detection for pet dogs Instructor. 

No previous experience needed!! This workshop is for any one who would like to know more about how to train their dog to do scent work for fun! It is a great way to bond with your dog and work together as a team.

Cost: £70

Requirements: This scent detection workshop is for dogs of all ages. Even puppies can join!

All dogs MUST be happy to be in an environment where there will be other dogs and people.

Location: Oakington Dog Day Care, Dry Drayton Road

Oakington, Cambridge CB24 3BD

Indoor and Outdoor Venue: This workshop will be held inside and outside in a secure field. Please wear weather appropriate clothing.

What to bring:

  • A red medium Kong (must be RED)

  • Lots of small high value food treats and dogs favorite toy

  • Suitable rest area for your dog: car/ crate 

  • Harness, lead and flat collar (no flexi-leads or head hulti)

Course Duration: 2 hours 

Workshop day: TBC


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