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5 reasons why you should carry treats on your walks!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Taking treats out on every walk might seen like a hassle but it will be worth it!

1) You can reinforce the behaviour you like! Your dog comes running back to you when called? Brilliant!! Reward them with a tasty treat each time and they will be more likely to repeat it every time! Even if there are other dogs in the park or wild life running around.

2) You can make walks more fun! Drop treats into long grass to play "find it" games. This encourages your dog to sniff and search, which makes even a "walk round the block" more interesting and enriching.

3) You can practice that all important training! Your dog might sit perfectly in the kitchen but do they sit on cue straight away while out in the park with distractions? Practice in 5 different locations to help your dog proof their skills.

4) Lure your to dog climb up logs, over fallen tree branches, up tilted tree trunks! Use the environment as a fun agility course. The more your dog has fun playing and being with you the more reliable their recall will be. Not many people can say their dog can climb trees!!

5) Does your dog find walks stressful and scary? You can use food treats to help them feel more positive about their environment. (For more details on how to help your dog contact me to set up a behaviour consultation.)

Treat pouch

Avoid getting your pockets dirty by filling them with your dog treats and invest in a dog treat bag! Here are my top 2 favourite treat bags:

1) Doggone Good Treat Bag:

I absolutely love this treat bag. I have been using mine everyday for the last 6 years. It has a good size pouch to fit lots of tasty treats in, a place to fit a roll of poo bags and a very handy and secure zip pocket at the back to keep your phone, money, house keys and dog whistle in. It also has a nice magnetic opening which makes opening and closing the treat bag quick and easy. You can get one from amazon here

2) Furkicks treat pouch:

This treat pouch can also fit lots of treats, and has a secure zip pocket for your phone, money etc. it has a draw string open and close feature which `I find is not as quick and easy as the doggone good treat bag but in dry weather can be left open while you are out on your walk. You can get one from amazon here

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The more you reinforce the behaviours you like such as your dog coming back to you when you call them, then more reliable those behaviours will become. Food treats are a great way to keep your dogs attention on you and to make walks fun! Turn those boring strolls around the block into a scavenger hunt!

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