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Puppy Class Week 3

Keep your training sessions short. 2 - 5minutes  3 times a day

Loose lead walking

Walk backwards:

Teach your puppy that good things happen when they look up at you.

  1. Start off with your puppy facing you

  2. Take a step backwards

  3. When your puppy looks up at you, mark and reward them close to your left leg

Repeat steps 1-4. 

Loose lead walking

Follow my foot:

Teach your puppy that good things happen when they follow your foot. If your right handed then place a treat next to your left foot. If you are left handed then place a treat by your right foot.

  1. Place a treat on the floor next to your foot.

  2. Wait for your puppy to reach your foot.

  3. Take one step forward.

  4. Place another treat on the floor

Repeat steps 1-4. 

Food Bowl Manners

Sit-stay while a food bowl gets placed down:

​Last week we worked on teaching a sit-stay. Now we are going to use this as a practical exercise.

  1. Hold the food bowl in one hand

  2. Ask your puppy to sit.

  3. Reward her (don't use your marker word)

  4. Move the food bowl about an inch 

  5. Reward your puppy (if they are still in the sit position.)

  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until the bowl is on the floor

  7. Then say your release cue and mark your puppy the instant they get up to have their food. Their reward is to have their meal.

Important: Never take your puppy's food bowl away or try to move it while they are eating. This can cause resource guarding issues. The food manners exercise is purely to teach your puppy to be calm when you have food in your hand.

Park Walks

When out on walk:

Wether you are out on a park walk or a road walk, get into the habit of rewarding your puppy for eye contact.

Step one:

  1. Reward your puppy every time they look at you.

  2. If you are out in the park on a long lead, throw the treat behind you.

  3. If you are on a pavement walk, give your puppy their treat next to your foot

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