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Private Scent Detection Training

For dogs from 10 weeks old 

Scentwork for dogs is a fun new popular dog sport. Scent work is perfect for dog with lots of energy or dogs who need more confidence when out on walks. You will work on teaching your dog to kind a certain scent (Kong to start with) We will focus on teaching your dog a passive indication and pairing the selected scent with the indication.

Benefits to scentwork:

  • It's FUN! Scentwork is mentally and physically stimulating for your dog. This helps burn energy in hyperactive dogs.

  • It is portable! You can set up searches anywhere that your dog has access to. Out on dog walks, in your home, friend's garden or at your holiday destination.

  • It's for ALL ages and breeds

  • It is perfect for reactive dogs

  • It builds your dog's confidence and optimism

Why Scentwork?

All dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell to translate and function in the world around them. Their ability to understand and read scent messages is far beyond ours. Our dogs see the world through smell whereas we see the world through our eyes. When you see your dog engaged in scentwork, you will be amazed to see how focused your dog can become in the sport of scentwork. 

Scentwork gives your dog the opportunity to make use of their natural skills and behaviours that no other form of dog training can provide and this is what makes scentwork so unique! 

As scentwork is so beneficial and rewarding for reactive dogs, I offer private scentwork training for dogs that would find a dog class setting stressful or impossible. 

Start your scentwork journey with your dog today

Package of 4 x 45 minute sessions for £200

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