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By making a booking you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted Cambridge Dog Services terms and conditions. Completion of the booking process and acceptance of our terms and conditions forms your contract with Cambridge Dog Services

Training & Consultations

  1. Cambridge Dog Services uses positive, reward-based training methods and therefore harsh handling will NOT be allowed under any circumstances. We reserve the right to stop the session at any time if this is not adhered to.

  2. We do not allow prong or choke chain collars, slip leads, extendable leads or any other equipment deemed harmful r aversive to the dog. ( If you need help with selecting equipment please to us know.)

  3. We adhere to the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Code of Ethics.

  4. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you give Cambridge Dog Services permission to publish in pint, electronic, or video format the likeness or image of you and your dog. You release all claims against Cambridge Dog Services with respect to privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright ownership and publication, including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials.

Bookings, Payments & Cancellations

  1. Payment for services also implies agreement with these terms and conditions.

  2. Bookings for 1-21- sessions will be confirmed via email, if given.

  3. Payment of training must be made 48 hours of the session.

  4. A minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice is required for training sessions, except in the case of extreme emergency. Cancellation resulting with less than 48 hour's notice may be charged at the full rate. 


The dog owner / carer agrees to indemnify and hold Cambridge Dog Services harmless from all liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons, animals or property arising from  or related to the owner / carer's dog. They also agree that Cambridge Dog Services shall not to liable for loss or damage to the animal for any reason.

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