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Group Dog Walks

Do you want more than just a dog walker?

I don't just walk your dog around the park, I play, train and entertain them.

I believe that dogs should be mentally as well as physically exercised. I aim to provide more than just a walk.

The walks are held in a 3 acre secure field to give you peace of mind that your furry friend will be in a safe environment. Your dog will have fun playing with the other well socialised dogs in the group. Your dog will learn fun mentally stimulating games like scent work, parkour and engagement games. Training recall, basic obedience and focus are just some of the daily activities your dog will be learning our the walk.

Walks will be led by a qualified dog trainer who will ensure that activities are tailored to your dog's individual abilities, mentally and physically. You can have peace of mind that your dog is having an amazing time and you'll be coming home to a happy, better behaved dog.

These unique walks are a specialised experience, that will leave your pooch satisfied and looking forward to their next walk with Cambridge Dog Services.

We fetch and return .......

A cosy climate controlled van will be picking up and returning your dog.

Summary .....

  • Your dog will be out of the house for approximately 90 minutes

  • Small groups for individual attention

  • Scent games, doggy parkour, training

  • Secure dog field

  • Countryside environment

  • Qualified dog trainer

  • Healthy gluten free treats

1 Hour Adventure Dog Walk: £16

Additional dog from the same household, £10

Areas covered ......

CB2, Cambridge






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