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Why do Scentwork?


Scentwork builds a strong bond between canine and their human because you have to work as a team to get the best results. Any breed or age of dog can do Scentwork, in fact most of our dogs do their own form of scentwork already when they are out in the park so why not use that amazing nose of theirs in a more structured fun way together. Watching your dog problem solve and  find hides always brings immense pride to their humans!

No previous experience needed


Scent work is a great activity that with help with calmness and connection. It can be done indoors or outdoors and with the whole family. You and your dog work as a team to search an area for a specific scent. Scent work is a fantastic activity for all breeds of dog and can help with:

  • Calmness

  • General confidence

  • Great way to improve your bond with one another

  • To build stamina

  • Rehabilitation for dogs with behaviour issues 

  • Dogs on restricted exercise due to illness or injury 

Scent Find

The first stage to scentwork is teaching your dog to search for food or their favourite toy in a structured manner. Once they have found the target scent we want our dogs to work as a team to communicate to us that they have found their "prize" We teach the dog to stand and stare or sit and stare at the scent rather than just eating the food or grabbing the toy.


Once your dog has built up the stamina for searching we will introduce a new target order Clove then Gun Oil.

Where can Scentwork take me and my dog?

There is no end to fun activites you and your dog can enjoy once you both get into the world of scentwork. Once your dog is working on a specific target scent you can join other dog teams in searching novel areas like: 

  • Church,

  • A Farm,

  • An Air Field

  • Take part in Scentwork trails

  • Themed days out 

  • So much more ......

Start your Scentwork journey today

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A 8 week introduction to scentwork class. Suitable for puppies & adult dogs alike and no previous scent detection training needed.

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Scent Club

Scent club for those who would like to hone their scentwork skills, improve their indication and geek out!

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