Introduction to Scentwork - £100


A fun activity to do with your dog anywhere, anytime! This is a introduction to scent work course. By the end of week 4 your dog will be able to search for either your dogs favourite toy or food depending on what your dog is motivated by most.

In this 4 week class we will be teaching a passive find, using food and Kong as your scent. The class is split into 4 consecutive Tuesday's and runs for 50 minutes per class. By the end of the 4 weeks you will be able to take the skills you learnt in class and start your sent work journey.

No previous experience needed!! Scent work is a great activity that with help with calmness and connection. It can be done indoors or outdoors and with the whole family. You and your dog work as a team to search area for a specific scent. Scent work is a fantastic activity for all breeds of dog and can help with recall, general confidence building and a great way to improve connection.

Requirements: Dogs of all ages. Even puppies can join!

All dogs MUST be happy to be in an environment where there will be other dogs and people.

Cost: £100

Location: East Barnwell Scout Centre, 41 Thorleye Rd, Cambridge CB5 8NG

Start date: 10th January

Time: 19:30

What to bring:

  • Your dogs favourite toy

  • A red Kong

  • Lots of small high value food treats ie Chicken, Sausage, Cheese etc

  • Harness, lead and flat collar (no flexi-leads or head hulti's)

Course Duration: 4 weeks