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Fondation to Scentwork - £150


In this Foundation to Scentwork class we will be introducing you and your dog to the world of scentwork. The target scent for this class will be CLOVE. 

In this 6 week class we will be teaching a passive find to the scent of CLOVE. We will start with getting your dog's searching for food or their favourite toy and then we will start to pair the searching with the target odour of clove.

No previous experience needed!! Scent work is a great activity that with help with calmness and connection. It can be done indoors or outdoors and with the whole family. You and your dog work as a team to search area for a specific scent. Scent work is a fantastic activity for all breeds of dog and can help with recall, general confidence building and a great way to improve connection.

Requirements: Dogs of all ages. Even puppies can join!

All dogs MUST be happy to be in an environment where there will be other dogs and people.

Cost: £150

Location: East Barnwell Scout Centre, 41 Thorleye Rd, Cambridge CB5 8NG

Start date: Thursday 5th September

Time: 18:00

What to bring:

  • Lots of small high value food treats ie Chicken, Sausage, Cheese etc

  • Harness, lead and flat collar (no flexi-leads or head hulti's)

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Class dates:

5th September

12th September

19th September

26th September

3rd October

10th October

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