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Melissa Hartnack


Melissa is the owner and head trainer of Cambridge Dog Services. She has been interested in animal behaviour since she was a child. She has a great passion for animals and has dedicated the last ten years to improving her knowledge on animal training and behaviour.


Melissa has done sevreal courses with the  IMDT ( Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) the IMDT uses the most up-to-date science based dog training techniques that are proven to be effective and have the dogs welfare at heart.

Melissa is a full member of The Pet Professional Guild

She regularly goes to seminars and courses to keep up-to-date on the most effective way to train dogs.

Melissa runs puppy training classes, dog training classes, puppy and adult one to one training sessions in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Courses Melissa has attended:

2 day SWUK Train the Trainer Tier 1 - Scentwork UK Instructor course

Scent For Six - The School of Canine Science ( online 6 month scent work course)

30 Days of Canine Science - The School of Canine Science

Puppy Lab - The School of Canine Science

2 day UK Sniffers Instructor Bronze Course - UK Sniffers

Living and Learning with animals part 1 - Susan Friedman

Intro to BAT webinar - Geisha Stewart

Beyond food: the premark principle - Kathy Sadao

Grow up already! Adolescent dogs - Claudia Estanislau

Play your way to a great recall webinar - Donna Hill

Adolescent Dogs - Chirag Patel 
5 day Puppy Instructor Course - Chirag Patel
3 day Practical Training Skills v1 - Chirag Patel 

2 day Resource Guarding - Jo-Rosie Haffenden IMDTB 

2 day Separation Problems - Muriel Brasseur Oabc

2 day Human-Dog Aggression - Jo-Rosie Haffenden IMDTB

2 day Separation Anxiety 101 - Jo-Rosie Haffenden IMDTB 

Expanding your force free dog training toolbox part 1,2&3 - Chirag Patel

Separation related problems - Claudia Estanislau

Puppies A-Z - Claudia Estanislau

Animal training from core to complex - Ken Ramirez

2day Reinforcement workshop - Chirag Patel 

5 day Puppy Rescue Course, Spain - IMDT

Loose Lead workshop - IMDT 

Perfect Puppy Fondations - IMDT

4 day Dog Training Instructor course - IMDT

2 day Theory in Dog Training - IMDT

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