Crate Training

Why should you crate train?

Your crate is like a den to your puppy and provides a safe place for them to relax. People can find crates stressful for all sorts of reasons. Puppies, if raised by a good breeder will be used to some level of confinement and should take easily to a crate if introduced at the correct pace for the puppy.

Positive reasons for crate training:

  • Crates provide a safe place for your puppy. Introduced correctly you are creating a calm and relaxed state of mind in the crate.

  • It is extremely useful in helping the puppy feel confident about separation from you. Remember you are not going to be able to be with puppy all the time, so you need to prepare them for normal life.

  • When puppy is happy with treat based toys and chews in the crate it becomes a safe and calm place to put them when new activities are happening in the house, for example, hoovering or household chores, mealtimes, guests arriving, children playing

  • They help control sleep patterns, enabling you to give the puppy the undisturbed sleep they need. This will help effectively learning to take place during exposure and socialisation experiences and your everyday interactions.