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Loose Lead Workshop

Loose Lead Master Workshop - £85

Sick of being dragged down the road every time you take your dog out for a walk? Teach your dog how to walk nicely on the lead using modern, reward based training techniques. You will also receive a 3 week online course with training videos to follow.

This loose lead master class runs over 3 weeks. Each week you will be taught 4 loose lead exercises to practice. By the end of the three weeks you should have the foundations of being able to get your dog to walk without pulling.

Cost: £85

Requirements: For dogs aged 20 weeks and older

Location: Newton Dog Walking Field, Whittlesford Road, Newton, Cambridge, CB22 7PH

Outdoor Venue: Classes are held outside in a secure field. Please wear weather appropriate clothing.

Course Duration: 3 weeks

Class Date: 3rd December

Time: Saturday 11am

Topics that will be covered in the workshop are:


  • Teaching the heel position

  • Building value with close proximity

  • Leave it cue

  • Stop when I stop

  • No more pulling towards objects

  • Recalling to heel while off lead

  • Eye contact 

  • Polite greetings

Please book  before attending the class

Request your interest by filling in the booking form below

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