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A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Puppy Biting

Life skills that every puppy needs to thrive in a home.

What you will learn

Whippet Dog


Learn how to prevent puppy biting from excerlating. 

Hungry Dog


Find out why puppies bite in the first place so you can understand more about how to help your puppy.

Dog in a Box

Do's and Don'ts

Learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to stopping puppy biting.

What's Included:

Register today for £5 

Written clinic:


The mini course is structured in three written sections 

  1. Why puppies bite

  2. The build up and triggers

  3. What to do and what not to do

You will have access to the written information in a private facebook group

How is it structured?

Dog's Portrait

Online Access to:

3 written units on a private Facebook group

Dog's Portrait

Email support

If you have a puppy biting problem that I have not covered you can email me for guidance.

Dog Portrait


Get feedback on your progress by writing a Facebook post in the private group.

Only £5

Please check your junk mail if you don't receive your login details. Email:

What are people saying?

"A much happier household and a much happier puppy" 

" I have a much better understanding as to why my puppy bites and how to help them."

" No more scratched arms!"

" Within a day I could see a big change in my puppy's behaviour."

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