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How to teach a Hand Touch to interupt bad behaviours

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

There are times when our dogs are doing something we passive as being naughty. Like raiding the dustbin, chewing a table leg, trying to get into the dishwasher to clean the dirty plates, barking at the door bell and so on.

You shout NO, STOP IT or QUITE and this might startle your dog a little but not enough to make them stop doing the naughty behaviour straight away.

One very affective way to interrupt your dog while they are doing the naughty behaviour and to get them to stop and come over to you is to teach your dog to touch your hand.

By asking your dog to touch your hand they are having to come away from whatever naughty thing they are doing, like for example eating the left overs from the kitchen counter and come over to you. You can then manage the environment by removing the dirty plates.

Below is a video on how to teach a hand touch. Practice your hand touch in all different environments. Once your dog is touching your hand on cue with distractions you can then start using it to interupt them from doing the bad things.

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