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Lesson  Two

Attention Game 2

With distractions:

  1. Grab a handful of food rewards and make a fist.

  2. Put your hand out to the side.

  3. Wait for your dog to look away from your treat hand and towards your face.

  4. Mark the instant your dog looks at you and reward your dog.

Solid Sit


  1. Grab a handful of food rewards. 

  2. Place a treat between your thumb and index finger.

  3. Place the treat near your dog's nose.

  4. Slowly move your hand up and over your dog's head.

  5. Mark the instant their bum touches the floor.

  6. Feed 3-4 treats one after another while your dog is in the sitting position before releasing them by throw a treat out to the side.

Sit cue:

  1. With no treats in your hand say "sit"

  2. Move your empty hand up

  3. Mark the instant their bum touches the floor.

  4. Grap a handful of treats and feed your dog in position, one food treat after another.


Chill out on a mat:

Everyone wants to take their dog to their favourite coffee shop or pub and why wouldn't you? In this short video I go through the beginning stages of teaching your dog to lay down on a mat. The cue for settling is the mat going down.


  1. Place your dog's mat or bed on the floor.

  2. Lure your dog onto the mat.

  3. Ask for a sit, then with a treat in your hand move your hand from your dog's nose slowly down onto the mat.

  4. Start placing the treats in-between your dog's paws once your dog goes into a down position.


Recall step 1:

The key component to teaching a reliable recall is to train a visual and verbal recall cue. I like to teach a hand touch as my visual and the word  "come" as my verbal. Using a whistle as your verbal will work just as well.

  1. Stand in front of your dog

  2. Place your hand flat out close to your dog's nose.

  3. Mark the instant your dog touches her nose to your hand.

  4. Once your dog is touching your hand reliably you then add a cue. I like to say "come"

Loose Lead

Four rules to a relaxing walk:

Before we start training our dog how to walk on a loose lead there are 4 rules to bear in mind.

  1. Consistency

  2. Length of the lead

  3. Treat bag

  4. Positioning 


Halti Training Lead:

Treat bags:

DogGone Good:

Furkicks bag:


Ruffwear front clip:

Embark pets:

Loose lead walking -  stage one:

  1. Place a treat onto your dogs nose and then lure your dog into your heel position. ( Make sure your dog is facing the same direction as you and is in line with your leg.)

  2. Feed your dog for staying in position. If your dog moves out of position just lure them back into position.

  3. Give your dog 6 food rewards then throw the 7th food reward out to the side so that your dog has to move out of potion to get the food.

  4. Lure your dog back into position and repeat steps 1-3.

If you feed your dog a dry food mix then use their breakfast/dinner to do this training, If you feed a raw diet and are happy to handle the raw meat then you can use your dogs breakfast/dinner or use tiny high value food rewards like chicken, ham, cheese etc


Downloadable work sheets:

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