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Lesson  Three

Attention Game 3

Auto check-in's:

Now take your attention game outside. Instead of putting your hand to the side use the environment as your distraction. 

  1. Stand in one spot.

  2. Wait for your dog to see something in the distance. It could be another dog, person, bird etc

  3. Mark as soon as they look away from the distraction and towards you.

  4. Give your dog a food treat for choosing to engage with you.

AUto Sit

Auto sit:

Teach your dog to offer a sit rather than jumping up when they get excited.

  1. Throw a treat to the side.

  2. When your dog comes back for another treat, wait for them to offer a sit.

  3. Reward your dog in the sit position then throw another treat to the side.


Recall - adding distance:

Now that you have practiced your recall hand touch cue at home your dog is now ready to start adding in some distance.

  1. Take a couple of steps away from your dog.

  2. Say your recall cue followed by placing your hand out to the side (palm facing your dog)

  3. As soon as your dog comes over to touch your hand mark your dog then place a small handful of treats on the floor in front of your dog.

  4. While your dog is eating the treats off the floor move to the other side of the room.

  5. Wait for your dog to finish all the food then recall your dog again.

Repeat steps 1-5. Start your training in the house, slowing increase the distance as the days go on. 

Loose Lead

Adding movement:

Start by rewarding every 1 step then slowly add 2 and then 3 steps between rewards


  1. Lure your dog into the heel position.

  2. Mark the instant they are in position.

  3. Reward your dog.

  4. Take one step forward.

  5. Mark the instant they are in position.

  6. Reward your dog.


Downloadable work sheets:

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