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10 natural dog chews

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Dogs need to chew! It’s been scientifically proven that chewing is an affective way of dealing with stress. Under stressful conditions, chewing reduces increased hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. Chewing also offers offer benefits such as realising feel-good endorphins in the brain are are brilliant for keeping your dog occupied when you need to get on with your daily to-do-list. There are so many dog chew options out there, but not all of them are healthy or safe. Below is a list of my favourite 10 healthy dog chews that will keep your dog busy for hours. In my online puppy school course and online good manners class I talk a lot about how important natural chews are and I give my students at step bu step guide on how they can use them to help with biting and mouthing.

Rawhide is not safe

Rawhide chews often are a popular chew that dog owner like to buy their dogs. However rawhide is one of the worst dog chew you can give your dog! Rawhides are made with lots of toxic chemicals known to be contaminated with salmonella and E.coli. In order to make the rawhide look like bones or other fun shaped objects they are often made with glue and are submerged in bleach! Rawhide is difficult for dogs to digest which causes digestive issues and intestinal blockages.

Below is video on how Rawhide chews are made.

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Safety first!

No dog chew is entirely safe. They could break up into smaller pieces and become a chocking hazard. I would always recommend supervision while your dog has their chew. Some raw bones are safe such as marrow bones or chicken wings, but NEVER give your dog cooked bones as they easily splinter, causing damage to the mouth and intestines.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are my #1 go to chew as they are great for all ages. Wether you have a young puppy or older dog as they are all natural and easy to digest with is great for sensitive tummies. They don't splinter so are safe from any possible injuries in the dogs mouth or throat. The bully sticks are made out of beef which is a great source of amino acids, which helps your dogs brain, muscle and coat.

They are made out of dried bulls penis! which is pretty off putting And they can have a strong oder, especially when they become wet while being chewed! However they really are a big hit with all dogs and most importantly they are all natural so no nasty chemicals plus think of all the goodness they will be doing to your dogs brain, muscle, coat and skin health.

Olivewood Chew

Olivewood Chew are 100% wood but they do not splinter and are a long lasting natural dog chew. The root chews are full of nutrients and come from a sustainable source, making them eco friendly. They help to satisfy the natural urge to chew and are great for scrubbing plaque and tartar. This low in fat chew is a great alternative to your puppy chewing the coffee table!

Braided Lamb

Braided Lamb Chew is made from just one single ingredient- top quality lamb. No additives, no preservatives nothing! Grain Free - Gluten Free - Wheat Free.

Smoked Bone

Leeway smoked bones are 100% natural and ideal to help keep your puppies teeth clean and also a great source of added calcium and nutrition. We recommend supervising your dog when giving them any treat

Goats ears

Goats ears are a low fat alternative to pig or cow ears they are also naturally hypoallergenic. They don't smell half as bad as other natural dog treats and they are not greasy. They are better for smaller dogs or puppies as they are a fairly small, so please do supervise incase the dog tries to swallow it whole.

Rolled Venison Skin